Sander’s Shark Identification Guide


Sander’s Shark Identification Guide was created specifically for the recreational angler fishing the waters of the U.S. South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico (VA – TX) from inland waterways to offshore. It is the only shark identification guide of its kind available today. The Guide’s prescribed step-by-step method provides an organized approach to the identification process which is intuitively easy to follow. Each step requires the user to compare the subject shark with a pair of easily recognized morphological features. This system of following the most closely matching features provides a very organized method to shark identification that is very accurate and leaves no room for imprecise interpretation. Great for recreational anglers, tournament organizers, state and federal biologists, state and federal law enforcement agents, and everyone else. Well worth browsing even if you don’t do any fishing.

Sander’s Shark Identification Guide contains over 50 clear photographs to help the user recognize key features on 20 of the most common recreationally caught species of sharks. It contains a summary of the recreational shark fishing regulations for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas, as well as the federal shark fishing regulations, all current as of July 1, 2008.

Printed in full color in an 11” X 17” tri-fold format with a water resistant UV gloss finish. Comes with a 2 mil 6” X 12” resealable Ziploc envelope.

Also available unfolded, laminated unfolded, in large poster format, and in bulk quantities for retail. Please email Eric at for quantity or oversized format price quotes.



It takes just a few quick and easy steps to identify a sand tiger, lemon, or nurse shark.
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